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about our services

At Bronzmopolitan we offer our Evolv Custom Heated Airbrush tan which is completely personalized to each individual clients needs. When you arrive you & your spray tan artist will be decide which customization's will be best for you based on your skin tone & desired look.

No beds.

No bulbs.

Just great

spray tans.

tips, tricks & faqs

Before you come in for a tan, remember to shower, shave, and exfoliate. Exfoliation is key to ensuring an even tan application.  

• Faces tan best if they are make-up free, so be sure to remove all make-up. 

• You may lightly moisturize the driest areas on your skin before you tan, but go easy on the lotion.  Too much lotion will be a barrier for the tanning solution.

• Bring dark, loose clothing to wear after you tan.  Some of the bronzers may transfer to your clothes but it all comes out in the wash. 


• Sandals or flip flops are our recommended footwear.

• During your tan, wear whatever makes you comfortable!  Bikini's or underwear are great if you want to see a tan line, but the choice is yours.  Men, we ask that you wear swim trunks or underwear for the EVOLV custom airbrush application.

Before your tan...

After your spray tan application, the tan may take a couple of minutes to fully dry, so feel free to lounge in your robe before changing into your dark, loose fitting clothes and sandals/flip flops. 

• Our tanning solution smells great, so you can go about your day without that "just-tanned" smell.

• DO NOT get wet for at least 6 to 8 hours.  This means no showering, sweating, swimming, or splashing your self with dish water.  Be careful!

• After your tan has had 6 to 8 hours to develop, you may take a shower.  For best results, we recommend waiting a full 8 to 12 hours.

*For expedited results, try our tanning accelerator and shower in 4-6 hours!*

• Be gentle when using a towel after showering, and remember to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Keeping your skin well moisturized will help prolong your tan.

• Avoid chlorine and salt water.  These will dry your skin and make your tan fade faster.

Now, go show everybody how good you look!  Enjoy your tan for up to a week.

After your tan...

Q: Will a spray tan protect me from getting a sun burn?

A: Nope. Our solutions contain no sunscreen. You must still apply sunscreen with UV protection before prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Q: Can I also suntan while I have a spray tan?

A: Yes! You will still be able to achieve a “real” tan through your spray tan. Remember to wear sunscreen! If you choose to tan in a tanning bed on the same day that you spray tan, we recommend tanning in the tanning bed first.

Q: Is the spray tanning solution safe?

A: Absolutely. DHA, the main ingredient that creates the color on your skin, is actually a sugar! It has been tested by the Food and Drug Administration and deemed safe for external use only.  We recommend precautions such as nose/mouth filters and protective eyewear (provided by us) to avoid any accidental ingestion.  Women who are pregnant or nursing should always consult their physician before recieving a spray tan.

Q: How much color will I get?

A: Everybody’s skin reacts differently to our tanning solutions. Some people turn very brown, while others get a more golden glow. Our tans can be applied to achieve light, medium, or dark color and the base solution we use for our airbrush tans is chosen based on your particular skin pigment. People who spray tan regularly tend to get darker, as the skin naturally begins to react better to the product. You only need a few sessions to achieve this.

Q: Can I spray tan multiple times to get even darker?​

A: We do not recommend this approach. In fact, spray tanning over an existing spray tan can make you look blotchy, especially when the tan starts to fade. We recommend at least five days between sessions and we recommend exfoliating your old tan off before receiving a new tan.

Q: How long will the tan last?

A: Depending on how well you exfoliate before the tan, and take care of your skin afterwards, the average spray tan lasts 7 days. Dry skin will not hold the tan as long, and will fade “unevenly.” For regular color, we recommend tanning once a week and exfoliating your old tan off the night before you come in.

Q: How soon after the spray tan can I shower?

A: We recommend waiting 8 - 12 hours before showering. Many clients prefer to tan in the evening so they can sleep with their tan and wake up freshly bronzed! The solution may come off on your sheets or clothing, but if you wash it soon after it should not stain. If you need to shower sooner, you may upgrade to our Accelerator for $10 and shower in as little as 4 hours.

Q: My spray tan is not fading evenly. What is wrong?

A: There are a number of factors that can affect the way your tan fades because there are many conditions that can alter your skin. Weather (especially dry AZ air!), oil on your skin produced by foods you eat, stress and medications, how well you exfoliated before the tan, the quality of the moisturizer you used after your tan, etc. If your tan starts to fade in some areas but not others, we recommend exfoliating the tan off of those areas so your skin looks smooth and not “patchy.” Also, going TOO dark for your natural skin tone will always look more obvious when fading (think dark hair being dyed bleach blonde… the roots are more obvious when they grow back)

Q: Can I spray tan if I am pregnant?

A: The spray tanning solution is FDA tested and considered safe for external application only.  We recommend consulting your physician before tanning during pregnancy or while nursing. We highly recommend using the provided breathing filters during your tanning session to avoid accidental ingestion.


frequently asked questions

Q: What if I have a very fair skin that has never been able to tan?

A: You are the perfect candidate for spray tans! Many of our clients are not able to get “natural” color from the sun and they get a fantastic color that looks very real from our spray tans! We recommend first-time tanners start with light or medium so they know how their skin will react, then they can gradually go darker. Remember, darker tans are more obvious when they fade.

Q: What is the barrier cream for?

A: The barrier cream is applied thick to areas that you don’t want tanned at all, and very lightly to areas you only want to achieve a little color. We recommend applying barrier cream to the tops of hands, elbows, knees, fingernails, and tops of feet. Your tanning technician will instruct you where to put the barrier cream when you visit the salon.

Q: Will spray tanning turn my nails brown or orange?

A: It shouldn’t, but to be safe we recommend applying barrier cream to your finger nails and toe nails. Always wipe your nails clean with a towel at the end of your tanning session.

Q: Does the solution smell bad?

A: Pura Sunless solution has a very pleasant smell lightly scented with mango. Evolv airbrush solution is one of the best smelling solutions around! There is hardly any smell at all. The smell for both solutions is strongest just before you shower (as the DHA has fully developed). After you shower, you will not smell at all for the duration of your tan. Scent can be added to your Evolv airbrush solution for $6, ask your tan technician for choices.

Q: After receiving my airbrush tan or spray tan, I smudged it when I got dressed. Is my tan ruined?

A: Not at all. This is just the cosmetic bronzer that is added to the tan for your instant color results. It stays sticky for a little while after the tan, and can be smudged when you put on fitted clothing. When you take your first shower, the bronzer (as well as the smudges) will all rinse away. We advise against putting on tight bra straps immediately after tanning, as this does tend to rub away at the tan.

Q: Can I go swimming after spray tanning?

A: Bronzmopolitan recommends waiting at least 8 hours for the tan to develop before getting wet. We also suggest that you shower before going for a swim so the cosmetic bronzer does not come off in the pool. Chlorine is harsh on your skin, and will make the tan fade faster and typically uneven. We suggest keeping swimming sessions short, and also moisturize generously before getting in.


Must give 24 hours notice for cancellation of your spray tan appointment if you wish to avoid a late cancellation fee.

Cancel less than 24 hours - you will be charged a flat fee for the missed appointment. Flat fee is the cost of entire service amount. Please call Bronzmo at (480) 314-3447. You may leave a voicemail if we are unable to come to the phone, & we will be happy to reschedule your appointment.


*Members - if you are using a saved "free" tan on file, a no show/cancellation will result in losing the tan saved on file.


Refer a new client to tan with us and we will give you $5 off of your next service! There is no limit to how many referral rewards you can earn, so tell everyone! Referral rewards do not expire. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

*New client MUST give your name as referral source and purchase a FULL PRICE tan in order for you to receive credit*

late policy

Please don't be late! (5 minutes after your scheduled appointment time is considered late.) We understand life happens but repeat offenses will result in your appointment being cancelled plus an additional fee. We work on a tight appointment based schedule so please be courteous of our and other client's time.

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